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113 Kruger Street
Louis Trichardt(Makhado)
Limpopo Province
Mobile:+27 (0)83 399 0537 (24Hrs)
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Shop no 5
Hesta Centre
Bree street no 33
Parys Freestate
Office: +27(0)60 457 4771 (24Hrs)
Mobile:+27(0)73 999 4860 (24Hrs)
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PSIRA NO: 1553296

Executive Protection


Security is focussed on providing mission specific, bespoke close protection and escort services for both foreign and local clients within sub-Saharan Africa. Our experienced CPO’s are all well versed and trained in Close Protection and Executive Protection using a proven Low Profile model and approach

We pride ourselves on our unique systems and theatre specific approach, well-rehearsed Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs), Tactics, Techniques and Procedures (TTPs), many which are uniquely suited to our area of operations – Sub-Saharan Africa.

Within South Africa our focus is providing clients with a professional escort service from Johannesburg/ Pretoria area (including O.R. Tambo International) to numerous National and regional destinations with a specific focus on visiting big game hunters. Again this service is tailored and bespoke, based on a low profile approach, armed or unarmed – client direction and requirements……..most escorts into African countries are unarmed due to the strict local laws and regulations pertaining to foreigners carrying weapons in those countries, where specifically required we are able to call upon prior-vetted local service providers to sub-contract such services. We only use known entities and personnel with whom we have worked with in the past. In short, we trust them and have vetted them ourselves!

In addition we provide experienced personnel for due-diligence and pathfinder services again with a emphasis on sub-Saharan countries for the client wishing to determine the exact nature of the in-country situation, to conduct due-diligence and to conduct in-country reconnaissance and fact-finding…………these tasks can conducted independently and/ or with direct client involvement

All our personnel are legally accredited and licenced for armed CP and EP taskings within South Africa and where necessary we can call on tried and tested local partners in neighbouring countries to provide armed services on a case-by-case basis …….although for low profile taskings within Africa we usually recommend a low profile unarmed approach with flank teams deployed in advance and rely on the best possible situational awareness to avoid possible flare-ups and crises prior to them being encountered……….

Critically any of the above tasks require proper prior planning and as thus sufficient time for planning and rehearsals and advance team deployment is a critical success factor …………..